About Prayer

About Prayer

  • Prayer is one of the effective means for praying  GOD.
  • It is Royal  Path way toward  GOD.
  • Always Remember &  Pray  GOD at fixed schedule     preferably in the   early   morning  &  in the evening.   If  it is not possible to   schedule then Pray  GOD Wherever & whenever you get  time.
  • Before going to bed & After rising from bed remember&  pray the GOD.
  • Prayer means reciting the Glory of GOD & Mantra , Jap,  performing Puja &

Doing  the  Meditation etc.

Preparation for Prayer

  • Believe in GOD.
  • Have Trust in GOD.
  • Know  GOD .
  • Be Pure hearted.
  • Select your GOD (Ishta  Dev)
  • Establish  relation with

GOD     * Love  GOD * Surrender   before  GOD

Then you pray  GOD with Faith  & Experience His Presence.

Almighty GOD



O – Operation,

D – Destruction

GOD for generation is Lord Bhrahma.

GOD for Operation is  Lord Vishnu,

GOD for  Destruction is Lord Mahesh.

About GOD

  • GOD is Immortal Supreme Power and Owner of the Universe.
  • GOD was only present before the creation of world, after destruction also GOD only will be Present.
  • GOD is Omani  Present. GOD is present all the time  every where for ever.
  • There is no place where GOD is not present.
  • GOD is Present in Living being and non living being.
  • In living being GOD is in  Active State called ATMA.  ATMA  is Mirror image of GOD.
  • In non living being GOD is in sleeping state.
  • GOD is Invisible to all except  his Devotees Like Narshih Mehta & Meerabai.
  • GOD is  Truth (Satya), Joy (Anand), Beauty (Aishwarya).
  • GOD is Love (Prem) &  Pity (Daya And Karuna).
  • GOD is Shapeless and also with definite shape for which you Pray.
  • GOD is Nirgun ( Free from Satvik,  Rajat & Tamas)  and also Sagun When GOD takes  birth it is Called  Avatar.
  • GOD has thousands of names Like Ishwar, Jesus, Allaha  But GOD is Only

Training Program

  • One  Week  Vacation Training Program on Personality Development & Art of  Living for Students .

  Batch – from 26/04/2010 To 09/05/201

 Success fully over with  (10 Nos . Participants )

  •      Srimad Bhagavat   katha (10 to 15 Nos . Participants )

    Date : 09/08/2010 Time : 1600 to 1700 hrs daily  in shravan mas.

  • Seminar on ( 4 Nos . Participants )

Personality Development & Art of living

 Time : 10:00 to 11:30   date  :   31 st oct 2010

Place : 106, Sidhdhivinayak building . Opp.Pansil school Near : Saraswti Complex , Manjalpur, Baroda.

  • To know  Next Training Program Please contact.   This type of program can be conducted .on request or on deamand.

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Mind (MANA) Power & Control

Mind is very powerful & active element  of the body. It’s speed is more than light. It’s also a controlling element of the body.  “ We have two minds -Left mind and Right Mind. Left mind carry our normal routine work , Right mind is creative  mind. It has  power to generate new ideas. Left mind controls right body and right mind controls Left body. Heart is in the left part of the body. If you are using right mind for creativity, your heart becomes sound and strong,


Other classification of mind is conscience, unconscious mind. Unconscious mind  is being programmed by conscience and accordingly routines are executed. Unconscious mind  also have information and qualities (sanskar) of earlier birth.  It is necessary to know the position of mind in the Hierarchy  of the  body to know it’s responsibility in the chain.


There is super soul & God ( Generation – Operation-Distruction) above the soul.

What is the real work or responsibility of the mind ?  To guide and control the  senses of the body to work in consultation with soul & discrimination power (Vivek) between the truth and falsehood.  But the situation is reverse. It is control by liking and disliking of the sense and impurities in the mind, ignoring the soul power. To acquire the control back to mind we have to understand the power of mind it’s behavior, Impurities,  bad habits, harmful activities etc. Try to cultivate mind for good qualities , like a kid and train it  with consultation with soul.

How to do it ?

For that please refer earlier lesion- 2  of    Self awareness  &  Self improvement

To carry out these activities acquire knowledge (Gyan) with the help of satsang, grace of God, reading good literature and by doing exercise to cultivate the mind which can control the activities of senses.

There are four power of the mind which can be utilizes with steady and controlled mind. There are Good thoughts , Imagination , feelings  and wide  field of  knowledge – landscaped of the mind .

Bad  qualities of mind :

Unsteady mind, weak mind, impure mind, uncontrolled mind greedy mind, angry mind,  inattentive  mind,  negative way of  thinking,  pessimist mind, inactive, idle mind etc.

Better qualities of mind

 Steady mind, strong mind, pure mind, controlled mind, innocent mind, peaceful mind, attentive mind, positive way of thinking, optimist, creative etc.

Few Proverbs of the mind :


Victory over mind is victory over the world.

Mind either can be friend  or  can be enemy.

Pure mind is image of God.

Donot be the slave of mind  be owner of mind.

Nothing come with us except mind with it’ qualities.

Happiness and unhappiness are the subject of mind.


Self awareness Self improvement

Know about your self thoroughly without self  biasing &  honestly with help of other feed back and self experience is called self awareness. Get free from bad habits, characteristics, intension & activates and cultivates good habits, characteristics, intension & activates by realizing your self on the basis of  self awareness is called  self improvement. This will  make your inner self pure.  So your both outer and inner personality  will be marvelous

Please draw your picture on paper with bad/dark  and good/bright side of your self. Apply red mark to those entities which tarnish your personality and green mark to those which enrich your personality. Take one by one  entity from bad/dark side of your picture for removal or improvement and convert red marking to green. Try to do for all other entities mark red. This is continuous producer of self improvement.

Problem for self improvement

  1. Lack of self awareness.
  2. Lack of self motivation.
  3. Lack of proper guidance.
  4. Lack of reading good literature.
  5. Lack of desire for self improvement.
  6. Lack of strong commitment to improve.
  7. Lack of inspiration for self improvement.
  8. Lack of attitude to know dark side of self.
  9. Lack of consistency for self improvement.
  10. Self boasting, & says,  I am O. K. & Perfect.
  11. Habit to see others’ bad quality, activities & habits etc.

 It means with proper guidance, inspiration from others, self motivation, attitude to know self  bad qualities, bad habits & bad activities & self desire with strong commitment & consistency self improvement & over ruling self boasting will provide you strong ground for self improvement.

Over come these problem & be on path of self improvemnet by self awernbess producer. Your personality will be excellenct.

What is personality ?

Book on Personality Development “VIKAS YAGNA”  by vinodchandra.A.Parikh

1) What is Personality ?

Personality is the complex phenomenon of all the attributes of the person that characterize a unique individual.

Attributes – Physical-External Personality, Mind-internal personality.

Physical-External Personality Contributed by appearance, looks, style of action (walking, speaking, body language, behavior etc) of the person. He can impress, influence the person. More or less we all are expert and sincere about it, because first impression is the last impression. First we should look like good Personality figure.

Mind-internal personality. Contributed by human being characteristic, quality, responsibility, your belief, nature and intention, special qualification-expertise in different field, optimist & positive attitude, emotions, spiritual activities and helping nature for needy and proper person. Internal personality is the real personality which will appear on face as well action and behavior of the person. Now a days for interview for job these qualities are essential as they test IQ, EQ and SQ .

IQ-Intelligence Quotient . EQ – Emotional Quotient, S Q – Spiritual Quotient

We can think about famous person like Rastrapita Mahatma Gandhi, swami Vivekanad, Narshi Maheta, DR. Sarabhai, Saradar Vallabhbhai Patel etc – very good Personality & Compare our self with them we can think about our personality. Where we are at present ? Try to Build up your personality like them. A Good personality can impress, influence, convince, attract, motivate the people by the power of his Personality. They will be always successful . Factors that obstruct growth of your personality are bad quality, bad habits bad activities, bad characteristics, negative- pessimist attitude and these will be the cause of their failure . Try to reduce these bad qualities which obstruct growth of your personality. Try to acquire good qualities, habits, thought, action , behavior and positive-optimistic attitude for better personality like famous persons, saints and mahatma. It is obvious that water flow from high level to low level, similarly bad characteristic and habits are acquires faster and with less effort than good characteristic and habits. So be conscious about it and do not allow to cultivate bad characteristic and habits. Cultivate human being characteristics and be a perfect man, will develop your personality. Do not forget that you are human . Always remember that. 2

Very few Good qualities of  the Man are as below for reference: Steady mind state & control over senses (Restraint) , Patience, Truth, Holiness, Noble, peacefulness  and loving  nature, Honesty, Pity, regularity, discipline, Satisfaction unselfishness, Helping poor and needy persons, Forgiveness, fearlessness, non violence faithfulness, respect for others, happy ,Obliging ,Simplicity, delightfulness well wisher for others, Patriotism, dishonesty, affection/attachment   etc deficiency of these qualities will obstruct growth of   your personality.

 Very few Bad qualities (Vices) for referenceanger, frequently, shy in nature, always in hurry, over eating, irregular, late comer, irresponsible, miser, idleness, insulting other, boasting, greedy, roughness, Avarice, Theft, Insulting others, Luster desire, Violence/killing, Fascination, Obstinacy, Pride, Falsehood, envy, Jealous, Calumny/Criticize  etc will take the graph of Personality below expectation. Experience these and try to get free from such bad habits & qualities & acquire good qualities and habits which enrich your personality. Six enemies residing in the inner self of a man which tarnish the image of good personality. These are lust, Anger, Greediness, affection / infatuation, envy/ jealousy, pride. All are dangerous element in our life. Try to remove them from your life to develop the personality.

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