Commandments of the life

1)                  Be Optimist, Don’t be pessimist.

2)                  Be active, Don’t be idle.

3)                  Be creative, Don’t be stereo type .

4)                  Be positive, Don’t be negative.

5)                  Be reflective, Don’t be reactive.

6)                  Be attractive, Don’t be repulsive.

7)                  Be master, Don’t be slave of your mind

8)                  Be corrective, Don’t be defensive with feedback

9)                  Be in your limits, Don’t cross the limits.

10)              Try to suppress anger, Don’t be angry. 

11)              Try to solve, Don’t neglect the problem.

12)              Try to find fault with you, Don’t find fault with other.

13)              Try to dissolve the stone. Don’t try to break it.



A Leader Who, Leads, Loves,

& Lives with team.

A Leader Who, Educates, Encourages,

& Sets Example to the followers.

A Leader should be Listener, Physically

& Mentally Alert , & Adoptive to change & feedback.

A Leader with Discrimination, Decision power

& Team spirit . A Leader with Positive attitude,

Appreciate for good & Patience

Never fails as Leader


 If money is lost, nothing is lost.

If health is lost , something  is  lost.

But if character is lost, every thing is lost.

If time  is lost, part of life is lost.

Money, & Health  can be recovered.

     But time can’t, be recovered

              Remember this.


Tension is the devil baby of mind,

Its father is , We.

We don’t control the situation,

                        Which gives birth to Tension.

 Don’t be controlled by situation,                 

Control the situation.

First,  don’t create Situation,

                        Which gives birth to Tension.

 Second, In any situation for a moment,

                        Don’t be react in anger.

 Third, Neglect the situation for a while,

                        Create the vacuum around you.

Then, Think coolly about ways & means

                          Which suppress the Tension.

This is exercise, practice it,

till it become habit.

That will lead you to  Tension free life.