Commandments of the life

1)                  Be Optimist, Don’t be pessimist.

2)                  Be active, Don’t be idle.

3)                  Be creative, Don’t be stereo type .

4)                  Be positive, Don’t be negative.

5)                  Be reflective, Don’t be reactive.

6)                  Be attractive, Don’t be repulsive.

7)                  Be master, Don’t be slave of your mind

8)                  Be corrective, Don’t be defensive with feedback

9)                  Be in your limits, Don’t cross the limits.

10)              Try to suppress anger, Don’t be angry. 

11)              Try to solve, Don’t neglect the problem.

12)              Try to find fault with you, Don’t find fault with other.

13)              Try to dissolve the stone. Don’t try to break it.



A Leader Who, Leads, Loves,

& Lives with team.

A Leader Who, Educates, Encourages,

& Sets Example to the followers.

A Leader should be Listener, Physically

& Mentally Alert , & Adoptive to change & feedback.

A Leader with Discrimination, Decision power

& Team spirit . A Leader with Positive attitude,

Appreciate for good & Patience

Never fails as Leader


 If money is lost, nothing is lost.

If health is lost , something  is  lost.

But if character is lost, every thing is lost.

If time  is lost, part of life is lost.

Money, & Health  can be recovered.

     But time can’t, be recovered

              Remember this.


Tension is the devil baby of mind,

Its father is , We.

We don’t control the situation,

                        Which gives birth to Tension.

 Don’t be controlled by situation,                 

Control the situation.

First,  don’t create Situation,

                        Which gives birth to Tension.

 Second, In any situation for a moment,

                        Don’t be react in anger.

 Third, Neglect the situation for a while,

                        Create the vacuum around you.

Then, Think coolly about ways & means

                          Which suppress the Tension.

This is exercise, practice it,

till it become habit.

That will lead you to  Tension free life.


Respect is ripe mango,  

           on the tree of life.

Respect your elders,      

           So that they like you.

Respect your youngsters, 

           So that they love you.

Respect your colleague,

           So that they don’t  insult you.

 Respect your children,

      So that they can learn what is respect.

     “ Give respect & take respect”

        Is the simple rule of success

You & Yourself

 First  Know  yourself,   then know others.

 First  Understand  yourself,  then Understand  others.

 First  Change  yourself,  then Change  others.

 First  Control yourself,  then Control others.

     When  there  is no  difference between   

                 “ You & yourself ” 

    Then  You are perfect Human being.

Ramrajya – Utopia

VIEW THE  BOOK ON  “ramrajya“ Ramrajya”- Utopia

We remember the kingdom of  Surayvanshi shri Ramchandra  in Ayodhya,

an Ideal king in the Universe.

“ Ramrajya”  Means  

  • Everybody is happy and lives  peaceful & prosperous life.
  • Nobody is Jealous of each other. But everyone  co-operates with each other.
  • Everybody gets his basic need  (Food, cloth, residence) of life.
  • Every one will get justice and protection from the ruler.

My Imagination (Kalpana)

I Imagine & contemplate such Ramrajya In India. I have blue print in my mind. I have  written a book named Ramrajya-Ek Kalpanain Gujarati on Ramrajya.

High lights of the book

I wish that every Indian should Imagine for Ramrajya-Utopia in India.

With the help of the following four powers this Image can be made true.

  •  First        :  Imagination (Kalpana Shakti)
  • Second  :  Take the Oath (Sankalp Shakti).
  • Third      :   Prayer  to GOD for success.
  • Four       :   Collective Action power to make it true.

If every Indian Executes these Powers collectively to make it true reality . Imagination, Oath and prayer are subject,  of  mind.  Action  power  is actual implementation of Imagine converting into ground reality.

Action Power

  • Man is seed of Nation.
  • Rotten & weak Seed doesn’t cultivate good fruits & crops.
  • Good and strong seed can cultivate good fruits & crops.
  • Similarly  perfect human being with Divine life can build the Nation.

And he is qualified for establishing Ramrajya.

So Responsibility of every Indian is  to become  perfect human being and

Live Divine life like  Shri Ramji . This is  Royal  Path way to bring Ramrajya in India.

Reference Books

  •  “ Vikas yagn ” based on Personality Development & Art of living.

For self awareness & self implementation.

  • “ Ramrajya-Ek Kalpana ”

Guidance for implementation of Imagination.

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