Means of Personality Development :

Self control Mind

It is very important and effective tool for Personality Development. which can decide the Goal to develop the personality. By Utilizing mind power and means of personality development we can achieve the Goal. First do practice to take over the control of your mind in your hand.

Self awareness & self improvement  is also powerful tools for Personality Development. Look your bad  qualities, habits, feelings, liking – disliking  & activities. With help of mind power  try to remove or isolate these  . Also try to develop good qualities of  human being which are not present. Try to  cultivate good habits, feelings, liking – disliking  & activities by  using mind power.

Five Good deed :

Read  Good literature .  Listen Good lectures of saint or professor. Think Good thoughts. Meet Good persons. Action – what you red, listen, think and advice from gentlemen & parents follow it.

Five Good Feelings :

Equality Feeling  – No partiality. Love Feeling – love  Every one – Do not hate  anyone. Good wishes for Every body  .  See Image  of  GOD in every bodyHelping nature – Help needy and proper person.

Learning Attitude :

Keep learning attitude from each and every things. It is possible only when you look good qaulities in others. Keep Open your  mind for Good intake and close for bad intake. Lord Datratrya Bhagawan (Avatar of Lord Vishnu) Made 24 Gurus And learn different lessons from them and inspiring others to learn.

Positive attitude :

Positive attitude is very good tool for Personality Development. Take the good mean instead of bad meaning, see the dvantage  instead of dis-advantage  & keep your mind happy, satisfied & steady all the time.

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Art of living – (Jivan saily.)

 What is  life ? :

 Life is a span between birth and death.

Life is a valuable gift from Almighty GOD.

It is a reward for good work of last many birth performed by you.

So do not  waste or spoil the life by any means.

GOD Expected good deeds from you,

which will give you a freedom from the rebirth circle called Mukti.

So live Divine life based on religion-shastra.

Goal of  life should be good deeds which rewards you Mukti.

What is Good deed?

Good thoughts is the mother of Good deed. Any work first take birth in mind.

Mind is the Workshop for good thoughts/deeds , so think good.

Live Little for self and more for others.

Help or support the needy and proper person.

Be happy with others happiness and feel sorrow with others sorrow.

Wish & give blessing for better life for every one.

Believe & Trust GOD, be  disciple of GOD.

Pray GOD for better life for every one,

& give them courage to face any situation in their life.

Keep the body Healthy by performing Yoga exercises.

This is the right way to live Divine  life.

 How to live the life ?  

First Get freedom form Six enemies resides in your mind such  lust, Anger, Greediness, affection / infatuation, envy/ jealousy, pride etc. Understand the value of  life. Make the Goal to live Divine life. Make friendship with mind. Plan your activities to achieve the Goal. Follow it to achieve it. Be devotee of GOD. That  will be your life Style. Utilize each and every moment of  life to achieve your Goal. Don’t Waste a single minute of the life. Live & let live happy & peaceful life. This is the Art of living which will fetch you Mukti before and after the death.

Presently How People Live thye life?

 Presently people do not live Divine life like saint. They  follow path of  convinces & enjoyment. They over rule the basic nature of  human being and live the life . The real art of living is to live  Divine life based on religion-shastra. Presently person live to fulfill the basic requirement of the life plus extra for future and for next generation. They live for only eating and with full enjoyment without looking at nature which is a basic duty of  human being . Person live routine-stereo type life. In these type of life they  feel that  they are happy,  but really this is not permanent & real happiness, it is temporary with lot of tension-worry.

                                                              Message  of  life

                    Dedicated life   Live Divine . It is the real art of  living.

                    “Simple living  high thinking”should be the motto of  life

Take it easy for a while.

When you feel, discomfort & you are uneasy,

Take it easy for a while & accept it.

When time is  Unfavorable & you are upset,

Take it easy for a  while & make it favorable.

When you are angry & panicky,

Take it easy for a while & control the self.

When you feel like scolding some one,

Take it easy for a  while & keep quiet.

When you  feel uneasy & become mood less,

Take it easy for a while & feel easy.

When you are get annoyed & worried,

Take it easy for a while & get relaxed.

When something unexpected happens & shocks you ,

Take it easy for a while & absorb it.

Take it easy for a while  Is effective armour,

To control the self and win overcome any situation.

Leader of world for peace

I am proud of my country,India.

Because there is Democracy & freedom

to speak, and act.

I love my country,India.  

Because of Her  culture of love

peace & approach of live & let live.

I like  my country,India

Because she is Goddess of peace,

& Always showers blessings on others.

I pray GOD for my country,India.

for long & prosperous era of peace.

& Spread her fragrance over the world.

I request Indian-NRI to contribute

Their  role to makeIndia,

“ The leader of world for Peace “

I request Indian Citizen of world

To adopt Culture of my countryIndia.

So one day world can become Heaven.