Right way of living

                        Right way of  living is the real Art of Living. Live with following  principles. It is the right way  of  living. Your life will be marvelous. You can  be great. You will be loved by every one.  

Live divine life. 

Live and Let live.

Live for others too.

Live with positive attitude.

Live with Goal & planning.

Love, Care & Share with every one.

Live with simplicity & high thinking.

Expect  better  and ready  for worst.

Keep less expectation & requirement in life.

Believe in God & follow the path of religion.

Protect the religion. Religion will protect you.

Respect every one  &  be polite  with every one.

Do  your work  honestly and  with concentration.

Do tomorrow’s work today and today’s work just now.

Be punctual in taking  food , early sleeping & early rising.

Be happy with others’  happiness & feel  sorrow with others’  unhappiness.

Solution of the problem

Problem & it’s Solution are  born together.

Solution is shadow of the problem.

It’s lies in the causes of the problem.

Be peaceful, have patience &  think,

where the root of the problem.

Up root or eliminate the causes

Is the solution of Problem.

There is no problem without solution.

If there is no solution then it‘s not a problem. 

It’s reality that you cannot over rule.

What is Mind ?

Mind is  Memory, remember good things.

Mind is  Power, use it, in a  useful  way.    

Mind is money, cash it .

Mind is creative, be  creative.

Mind is Bird, fly and touch sky.

Mind is Imagination, make is true.

Mind is Doctor, Consult it.

Mind is Ego, suppress Bag Ego.

Mind is Flower, Spread it’s Fragence.

Mind is Friend, Make it’s Friendship.

Mind is Guardian, take the advice.

Mind is Mirror, See your real Image.

Mind is feelings, Accept it’s good feeling.

Mind is very good tool for better living.

Understand the Mind, Explain the Mind.

Train the Mind, it will follow right path.