what is love ?

Love is God. 

God  is Love.

Love is power.

Love every one unconditionally.

Love always gives,

It does not expect any return.

Meaning of word changes in love

It sees success in defeat.

It enjoys more in departure than meeting.

It sacrifices for beloved. 

Love gives you happy peaceful life.

Love is the foundation of Heaven.

Problems for self improvement

  1. Lack of self awareness.
  2. Lack of self motivation.
  3. Lack of proper guidance.
  4. Lack of reading good literature.
  5. Lack of desire for self improvement.
  6. Lack of strong commitment to improve.
  7. Lack of inspiration for self improvement.
  8. Lack of attitude to know dark side of self.
  9. Lack of consistency for self improvement.
  10. Self boasting, & says,  I am O. K. & Perfect.
  11. Habit to see others’ bad quality, activities & habits etc.

 It means with proper guidance, inspiration from others, self motivation, attitude to know self  bad qualities, bad habits & bad activities & self desire with strong commitment & consistency self improvement & over ruling self boasting will provide you strong ground for self improvement.

Over come these problem & be on path of self improvemnet by self awernbess producer. Your personality will be excellenct.