Miracle Thoughts

Trust in God. God is great. Pray God every day.

Live Divine life for the sake of  God.

Live & let live. Do good deeds.

Be active, awake, optimist & creative.

Simple living & high thinking.

Think before you speak & Think positive.

Speak less & work more. Work is worship.

Action is louder than speech. Change of work is rest.

Health is wealth. Take care of your health.

Time is money. Do not waste the time.

Invest time & money in a way which gives you good returns .

Slow but steady & win the race.

If wealth is lost nothing is lost,

If  health is lost something is lost,

But If character is lost every thing is lost.

Keep the target, do planning & execute it.

Do your best where ever you are.

Hopes for the best, and prepare for the worst

Best regards &  Best of luck for Divine life.