Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta

 Introduction to Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta

  • Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta is extract of Upanisads. It is treasury of Spiritual & religious knowledge.
  • It is said by Lord Krishna in battle field call Kurushretra, when Arajun decided not to fight for kingdom when he observed them in the battle field.
  • When he acquired complete knowledge, his all doubts were melted & realized his self religion and got ready to fight against kaurovos.
  • It comprises eighteen Adhyays & 700 transa. It is also included in Bhism parv section of Mahabharat by Maharshree Vyas.

Exract  from Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta.

God says that…………

  • The right is to work only, but never to it’s fruits. nor let your attachment be to inaction.
  • Abandoning all religion of body, mind & intellect, take refuge in me alone, I will liberate you from all sins, grieve not.
  • Perform action abandoning attachment & remain balance in success and failure. Even-ness-of mind & Skill of action is called Yoga. Skill means Art of working with perfect mental equilibrium in all different condition pair-of-opposites like Sorrow-Happiness, win-defeat, respect-insult etc.
  • Whose mind if not shaken by adversity & prosperity does not hanker after pleasure & who is free from attachment, fear and anger is call Sage-of-Steady wisdom. Where senses are  under control.
  • Just as man cast off his worn-out clothes and puts on new ones, so the embodied-self cast off worn-out bodies and enters others which is new.
  • When man think of object “ attachment”  arises then “desire” is born. From desire “anger” is arises & “Delusion” comes from anger. From Delusion “loss of memory” & from loss of memory “destruction of discrimination” & from destruction of discrimination he “perishes”.
  • Self control man moving among object, with his senses under restraint, and free form attraction and repulsion, attains peace and mind soon becomes steady. 
  • For, mind, which follows in the wake of wandering senses carries away his discrimination, as the wind carries away boat on the water.
  • You perform your bonded duty. None can ever remain, even for a moments without performing any action. Even the Maintenance of the body would not be possible for you by inaction.
  • The world is bonded by action other then those performed ‘ for the sake of sacrifice’, so perform the action for that sake alone, which is free form attachment, man can attain the Supreme.
  • As the ignorant men act from attachment to action. Wise men act without attachment, wishing the welfare of the people.
  • Whatever a great man does, that other men also do(Imitation). whatever he sets up as the standard, that the world(people) follows.
  • Man is essentially an imitating animal. This is psychological truth…Students can be disciplined only when teachers are well behaved. The officials cannot be kind and honest when the rulers of the country are corrupt.
  • Renouncing all actions in me, free from hope and egoism they are free from action. Action does not bound him.
  •  Attachment and aversion for the objects of the senses abide in the senses, let none come under their sway. They are his foes (enemy) .
  •  As fire is enveloped by & mirror by dust, similarly wisdom is enveloped by desire or  anger.
  •  Senses are superior to the body. Mind is superior to the Senses. Superior to mind is intellect. One who is even superior to intellect is soul. God is superior to soul.
  •  Whenever there is a decay of righteousness, & rise of  unrighteousness, then I manifest my self.  For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the wicked and for the establishment of righteousness, I am born in every age.
  •  Free from attachment , fear and anger, absorb in Me, taking refuge in Me, purified by fire of knowledge may have attained My being.
  •  Without hope, with the mind and self controlled, having abandoned al possessions, doing  mere bodily action,  he incurs no sin.
  •  Man  satisfy with content what comes to him, free from the pair of opposites like sorrow & happiness and even minded in success & failure, though acting, he is not bound.
  • Of one who is devoid of attachment, who is deliberated, whose mind is established in knowledge, who acts  for the sake of satisfaction, all his action is dissolved. 
  • Enjoyment born by contact are only generator of pain, for they have beginning and end so the wise man do not rejoice in them.
  • Let a man lift  himself by his own self let him not lower himself. self is only friend or enemy of the oneself.
  • He who sees me everywhere and sees everything in me, he never gets separated from me, nor I get separated from him.
  • Whose ever leaving any type of life but remembering me alone at the time of his death, he attains my being, there is no doubt.
  • I am easily attainable by those who constantly remembers me daily, not thinking of any thing else.
  • Person without faith in religion (the Divine self) without attaining me return to the  path of rebirth.