Human being

Human being is The Best

            Among all creation of God.

Due Super powerful  Mind,

            By the grace of God.

 Be Thankful to God,

Being a Human being.

Human being is the Last birth,

            In the cycle of births and deaths

            (of one  lakh eight four births)

 It’s Gate of Vaikunth,

            Residence of God.

Human being is a Opportunity

            To perform Good deeds,

            & To Break the birth cycle,

            By Praying God,

While living present life peacefully,

            As a reward of deeds of last birth.

 If you don’t  then,

            Your next birth  will be painful.

            As a reward of present deed.

            Be aware & wake up & 

     Live Devine life for sake of God.

Manners for children


Lession No : 1   Parents


PrayGod & VisitTempleDaily.


Touch parent’s Feet  after bath.


Love & Obey your parent.


Do not harass your parent.


Do not speak lie. Help your parents.


Keep the given promise.

Lession No : 2

  Manners at other’s house

Keep your shose at proper place.

Sit Properly in sofa or chair

Don’t touch & ask any thing.

Don’t play mischief.

Behave properly with elder.

Do your work politely.

Lession No : 3

While Speaking

Speak politely.

Don’t shout  while speaking.

Don’t Speak fast,But Speak slowly.

Speak less & work more.

Keep silent whenever required.

Don’t get excited while speaking.

Lession No : 4

While playing

Don’t speak all togeather.

Only Empire should speak.

Don’t shout while playing.

Don’t play such that,one may injure.

Don’t  play trick or cheat any one

Keep Empire/Capton & follow him.

Lession No : 5

While  eating


Clean your hand properly.


Chew the food properly.


Drink less water  while eating.


After an hour take as much as you can. Don’t eat more.


Eat little less than normal diet.


Take less chilly, oily & salty food


Don’t take Onion,jaggery,curd-butter milk with milk.

Lession No : 6

While watching T. V

Watch the T.V as less as possible.

Keep dim light in the room.

Watch T.V from Distance.

Sit properly and watch T.V.

Don’t eat while watching T.V.

For student watching T.V means waste of time.

Lession No : 7

While reading

Read regularly 3 to 4 hours daily

Select lonely place for reading.

Read in sufficient light.

Keep book one foot from eye.

Read, Revise , Memorise & write what you have read.

Always read in sitting pose.

Lession No : 8

   While riding the bicycle

Drive the cycle slowly.

Don’t play circus trick on cycle.

Drive cycle on left side.

Check brake and air before.

Don’t play race on road.

Don’t drive cycle all together.

Be careful at turning points.

Lession No : 9

          While travelling

Check the tickets and train.

Don’t  talk more with any one.

Don’t give your address to any one.

Don’t take food from any one.

Keep watch on your Bags etc.

Take food and water from home.

Lession No : 10

 In your House

Keep your house Neat & clean.

Help parent in keeing house clean.

Keep the thing at proper place.

Don’t through waste any where.

Put the waste in waste bag.

Clean house means good health.


Beware of yourself

Beware of yourself, Understand yourself.

Beware of your sin, be away from it.

Beware of your mistake, correct it.

Beware of your pride, keep self respect.

Beware of your greediness,

be satisfied what you get.

Beware of your bad conduct, Improve it.

Beware of your bad habits, cultivate good habits.

Beware of your bad  intention, suppress it.

Beware of your bad behaviour

& cultivate good manners.

Beware of your bad qualities,

acquire good qualities.     

This is “Self awareness” for self improvement.