Routine for student

Sleep early,  and get up early.

Increases Power, Intelligence ,

wealth & Happiness in the life.

 After getting up, pray to God.

Take  bath and salute parent.

Then do other work.

Do home work, go to school.

Be attentive to study.

Straight go to  home,

When school closes.

 Do home work then go to play

Early dinner and early bed

After praying God.

 Follow this Routine Friends

& Never tell lie and Support lie.

Lie is sin, follow the truth.

Be obedient  to parents

And respect elder.

Best of luck & best wishes.

         Thank you

Recognize the Truth

What you see may  not be true.

Sometimes, Listening is also necessary-

To know the truth.

What you see & hear may not be true.

Sometimes Thinking  is  essential.                        

To know the truth.

What you see, hear & think may not be true.

Sometime Clarification is needed.

To know the truth.