Short comings of Human being

He sees vices pf others only.

He  does not accept his own mistakes.

He always gives blame to other.

He does not forgive others mistake.

He become sad with others happiness.

He becomes very happy with others sorrow.

He is very selfish.

He remains dissatisfied.

He think that he is always right.

He cannot bear his defeat.

He is jealous towards others progress.

He is the slave  of his own nature & habits.

He does not want to improve.

He expects respect from others but does not

give respect to other.

He expects that other should speak truth, but

he does not.

He is fond of giving unsought advise.

He always criticize other.

He live only daily routine life.

He does not accept change easily.

He is made after money.

He does not keep himself within limits.

He gets angry too frequently.

He lives in past & future but not is present.

He gets depressed with sorrow.

He becomes uncontrollable when is happy.

He lives with EGO/ He is egoistic.

He speaks without knowing  what is speaking.

He thinks of self but does not think of other.

He live with negative attitude.

Note : Cultivate positive attitude.

Turn yourself from pessimist to optimist.

Become man of self control.  Best of luck


Life is a Challenge           Meet it.

Life is a Game                   Play it.

Life is a reward                 Accept it.

Life is a pilgrimage           Cross it.

Life is an adventure          Face it.

Life is a Love                          Test it.

Life is a Sorrow                      Ignore it.

Life is a Flow                             Direct it Properly.

Life is Beauty                          Appreciate it.

Life is Duty                               Perform it.

Life is a  Zeal                            Achieve it.

Life is a Secret                        Unfold it .

Life is a conflict                      Overcome it.

Life is a Song                              Sing   it.

Life is a Target                         Get it.

Life is a Opportunity           Don’t Miss it.

Life is a Life                                Live it.

By Arund Marathe, retired Judge,Baroda