Addiction of liquor, cigarette & Tabaco,
are injurious to health.
This truth is known to all
still people get addicted.

To like & taste of the things,
is human nature.
But do not take daily & excess.
so you would not be addicted.

Addiction means Extreme approach
for consumption of the things.
no control over your self.
later on it become necessity.

Man being intelligent,
knowing the fact of bad result
still it continue, means foolishness.

By experience of other’s problems
learn the lesion from his addiction.
& reduce the intake & slowly stop it.
so, you can be free from addiction.

It is wise step to
break the barrier of addiction
& create the barrier of protection.
& get free from addiction early.
Have strong will power & afford.

Otherwise addiction become invitation to death.
Be in limit in consumption of any thing useful,
And your body mind remain healthy,
& life become happy & peaceful.

Best of luck.


Personality is Image of the person,
Ora of the person,
impress of the person on others.
At first site, personality is
appearance of the person,
looks of the person,
dressing of the person
& behaviour of the person,
Means physical personality,
First impression is last impression.
Development of physical Personality is
part of personality.

Other factors of personlity are
Qualities of human being,
Good Hablits of person,
Good Nature of the person,
Good Intesion of the person,
Positive Attitude of the person,
Good Feelnings of the person,
Good Activities of the person.
Development of these factors build the mind personality.

Personality of man is the integration of
physical, Mind personality & behaviour of the person.

Develop your personality,
to become Famous & Excellence Figure,

Best of luck


Regularity is the key of success.
Regularity rules the man
&Control the mind.
When you do your
daily routine work,
regular at fixed time,

You are called regular person.

Regularity reduce your idleness,
Make you time conscious
Work conscious & active.

Regularity empower you,
Encourage you,
Inspire you,
& give fruitful result.

To establish regularity in life
Decide the target-work,
plan your activities,
to be done daily-monthly,
do it regular accordingly,
For few days (21 days).

You have to work conscious initially
& have to force your mind.
Later it become your habit.
later on  it will be automatically
taken care by Regularity.
Regularity is automatic machine.


Thanks is Magic, creates Miracles,

When you get any thing from any one

First say Thanks with smile & love.

Try to remember it & eager to give

So life become fruitful.

I thanks those viewer

Who had visited My site & read my thoughts,

Which  inspired me  for creating more thoughts

Please convey these  thoughts to others,

& advise them to visit My Site.

Thanks once again for Visiting My site.



Relation is life

Man born by relation,
Bound by relation
& lives with the relation,
Relation is bone structure of the life,
Cannot image life without relation.
‘ Love ‘ is soul of the relation,
Keeps the relation alive.
Without love relation is dry & dead,
Does not give fruits of
Love, peace & happiness.
Air, water & food three essentials,
Keeps man alive.
Fourth essential-Relation,
keep the life alive.
So nurture the relation,
At any cost.
Only love, care & share
nurture the relation.
Which makes life,
Happy, peaceful, prosperous.
Give importance to relation.


Where does happiness lies ?
People says happiness lies in,
Things & object,
Facilities, Luxury,
Money & Matter.
No where else happiness lies.

When these are not there,
they become unhappy.

Even though, they are there,
They are not happy,
Because they want more,
become unhappy when they did not get.
So they never get happy.
And cannot enjoy, which are there.

Actually Happiness lies in,
Love & peace,
Healthy relation,
& the happiness of other.

Be happy and enjoy the life.


Secret of the life

What is secret of the life?

It is not known,

When it is known,

It’s reality, value & purpose will be known.

First secret of the life,

After so many births we get life.

So it is very rare & costly,

Utilize better way & Make it useful for all.

Second secret of the life                                                                                               

It is awarded,

to repay our due of last birth.

So, whatever the situation,

Accept it & Live happily.

Third secret of the life

Your present life,

Builds the future of  next birth.

So be careful, & do good work.

Target, plan & execute the life

Without  laps, gaps & waste of time.

Best of luck & Best wishes.