Self confidence

Self confidence is mind status & attitude
mental power, your capacity & ability.
Which always lead to success.

Self confidence can be developed :
By positive attitude & patience,
By identifying your strength & potential.
By having courage to face any situation,
By having mind control & be calm in any situation,
By accepting your mistake & learn lesion,
By taking risk for achieving target,
By accepting complements from other,
By considering life as a challenge,
By keeping posture straight & active.
By boosting self esteem,                                                                                                                 By Initial patenting having sufficient self confidence.

There are few sentences to keep in mind,
Like……Come what may.
…………I can do it easily .
…………I will be able to do it,
…………some how I must do,
…………I have power, potential to do any think.
Be optimist, active & get ready to work.
Without self confidence there is no success.
Self confidence is real wealth to earn money.


School of Personality Development &Art of living

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“ School of Personality Development & Art of living ”
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Give me Time, I shall give you Good Personality
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Life should be …….. so it becomes…..

Life should be Simple & easy,
natural & normal,
So life becomes beautiful
& spreads it’s fragrance.

Life should be with high thinking
with great target & planning
& with max effort to achieve ,
So life becomes useful & successful
becomes valuable & inspiration for other.

Life should be with good personality,
with good qualities & habits
with excellent nature.
So life becomes important & famous,
becomes history & immortal.

Life should be free from worries,
free from tension & diseases
So life becomes healthy, wealthy & happy.
Try your best for such life.
Best of luck,


Management is tools
To achieve Targets easily.
It is advance planned system to follow strictly,
So every thing goes smooth.

It is result oriental automatic machine.
It’s manage & control the business, house,
society & country for development.
it manages & controls the money, man, mind
materials & the time effectively,
for it’s best & optimum utilization.

Management is miracle tool for success.
in this of age of competition.
Mismanagement & lack of supervision
& strictness it failures.
Effective management secures success.


Listening Power & capacity

Listening capacity & power.
Can be build up By concentration with patience,
While Listen carefully others,
Stop thinking & shut your mouth,
do not interrupt him, react till end.

To increase Listening capacity
Have mind control.
With this Quality you can be,
the great speaker& Problem solver,
popular, clever & intelligent.
Person with Listening capacity & power
have peculiar personality.

Develop listening power & capacity

Best of luck .




Thought borns in mind.
Mind continuously generates the thoughts.
It may be useful or useless or
It may be Positive or Negative.
Be aware & watchful about thoughts.

It is your choice,
Whom to response & whom to not.
Whom to accept & whom to reject.
You can think & can create a thoughts.
For special requirement & wish.

You can be thoughtless for meditation.
So mind attains the peace.
Thought is the root of action.
What you think, you become, is the thumb rule.
So careful & conscious about thoughts.
Immediately Reject Negative thoughts
Do not thinks negatively,
otherwise it will convert into action.
Think positive & be positive in life.
Have control over thoughts, for successful life
Best Luck



Honesty is best the policy,
& best human being quality.
Be honest & be happy.

To be honest means,
Do not cheat any one,
do not tell lie,
be open minded,
be frank & free,
be pure & clean,
In every action & behaviour.

Honest is one type of meditation.
which necessary for family life,
social life & spiritual life,
& in services & business.

People trust Honest person,
appreciate & respect him.
Follow the path of honesty
which is path of success, happiness
popularity & prosperous life.
Best of luck