Competition is Tools for, progress & success
Inspiration & happiness.
complete with yourself, your colleague & friend.
There is a competition in schools & colleges,
in family, society ,clubs & in business.
every where & in every field.
Competition is race to come first & to win the race.
Competition make you,
Active & Alive, Alert & watchful.
Otherwise you become idle, useless & inactive,
pessimist & unhappily.
So compete & be in race for success.
The only problem in competition is,
when you are out of race & fail to compete.
Do not worry about failure,
Do not be jealous of winner,
Accept the results of competition
whatever it may be.
congratulate the winner.
Compete freely again without playing any trick
to your competitor.
Be honest & compete with self confidence
& be in race for success.
Best of Luck.
Thanks .


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