Self confidence

Self confidence is mind status & attitude
mental power, your capacity & ability.
Which always lead to success.

Self confidence can be developed :
By positive attitude & patience,
By identifying your strength & potential.
By having courage to face any situation,
By having mind control & be calm in any situation,
By accepting your mistake & learn lesion,
By taking risk for achieving target,
By accepting complements from other,
By considering life as a challenge,
By keeping posture straight & active.
By boosting self esteem,                                                                                                                 By Initial patenting having sufficient self confidence.

There are few sentences to keep in mind,
Like……Come what may.
…………I can do it easily .
…………I will be able to do it,
…………some how I must do,
…………I have power, potential to do any think.
Be optimist, active & get ready to work.
Without self confidence there is no success.
Self confidence is real wealth to earn money.



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