Magic of Let go

‘Let go’ is one of the art of living
for peaceful & successful life.
If someone insult you,
let go & forget it.
If someone abuse you ,
let go & do not feel bad.
If yours elder scold you,
let go & bare it.
If someone criticize you,
let go & think positive.
If someone hate you,
let go & never mind.
If someone tease you,
let go & take is easy.
Let go is very fine policy
to have easy life.
Do not store impurities in mind,
reject it by Golden rules ‘Let go’
To live & let live other,
Practice to use magic of ’let go’

“ Live & let live “

“ Live & let live “ other is
Ideal principle of the life.
Live & let live mean,
Live peacefully &,
allow other to live peaceful.
Be happy & make other happy.
Be helpful to other,
whenever they need
to make their life easy.
“ Live & let live “ means,
do not disturb & trouble other,
do not abuse & curse other,
do not criticize & tease other,
do not disappoint them.
Mind well “ Live & let live “ is
the safest & fastest way to heaven.




Man of principle, secures success.
Life becomes smooth & easy.
Keep few principles & follow strictly
In any situation do not defer from it.
Principles are the promises to self.
keep the promises & be happy.
Principle reward you,
real happiness,
make you trust worthy,
people will love & respect you,
make you great & famous.
principles can be adopted are,
Be punctual & time conscious,
Be honest & helpful,
Trust yourself & God,
Do not tell a lie, & Be non violence,
Principle is planner & Manger
which design your life structure.


Mistake is a teacher, if you are positive.
Learning from mistake is,
symbol of Wise man.
Wise-man analyzes mistake,
find out the reason & eliminate it,
& never repeat the mistake.

There is Belief that,
“ Man commits mistake,
so he called man.” it is also fact,
that man is intelligent.
So be aware, awake
& conscious, while working
which can minimize the mistake.
Mistake can delay your success
& spoil your work & mood.

Mistake is lose of time, money,
energy & degrades the performance.
remember, Mistake is teacher &
punishment also, so take precaution.


Forgiveness is supper quality,
which makes a man great.

If someone insult you,
or does mistake & later,
repent & says sorry,
he is eligible for forgiveness.
Forget it & forgive,
& do not punish him.
So you become genius & great.

Develop the habit
to forgive eligible person only.
Forgiveness makes you,
open minded & pure hearted.
generous & popular.

But do not be so cheap in giving,
Forgiveness to ill eligible person.
Who repeat the same mistake
& expect forgiveness from you.

Forgiveness is right way,
to create heaven on earth..

Love Vs. Fascination

Love is divine quality of God.
Fascination is human nature.
Love means affection, No attachment
Fascination means affection & attachment.
Love is forever, never dies.
Fascination may not live long.
Love is free from expectations
Fascination expects all the time.
Love never demands, it gives
Fascination demands & takes.
Love is service to mankind.
Fascination is service to self.
Love is pure-powerful energy.
Fascination is strong desire.
Love is prayer to God.
Fascination is lust-strong sexual desire.
Love is of truth & success
Fascination is path of false & failure
Happiness follows Love.
Pain follows Fascination.
Love is positive power of mind
Fascination is weakness of the mind.
Let us light the lamp of love.
& abandon the Fascination,
For peaceful, happy & prosperous life.

Art of living

How to live is the Art to be learned.
To build your life style Or future.
Plan your life style accordingly.
It is called Art of living.
For better way understanding,
Divide life into Four stages.
That is Childhood & student hood,
Adults hood & Parenthood.
Childhood is being builds,
By Parent Education-Culture
Which teaches discipline, manners
custom of family & society to child.
Student hood is being Golden age
& base of the rest stages.
Can be builds up by higher study
along with acquiring,
good human being qualities.
Good habits & nature
& right attitude & sound health.
To become ideal personality.
Plan your life style accordingly.
It is called Art of living.
Adults hood is application stage
base on earlier stages.
To do business or services,
build family, social life & spiritual life
with target to achieve.
Plan your life style accordingly.
It is called Art of living.
Last stage-parenthood is divine stage.
Having responsibilities to build,
childhood, along with other duties.
Plan your life style accordingly.
It is called Art of living.