Human being is attached,
with each other by relation.

Attached means he is connected,
with each other by
responsibilities & feeling.

Degree of attachment,
Depends on relation,
affection & attraction
Requirement & selfishness.

Attachment with person Or things,
should not be such that,
their absence is not painful,
unpleasant & creates depression.

Attachment with person Or things,
must be such that,
we carry our responsibilities
we care, share & love,
but still not attached emotionally.
Mean no expectation,
No fear of losing it,
no pain & hurt by their behavior.

Intense-deep attachment is
Painful, fearful due to feeling
of misunderstanding & misbehavior
no response, no respect from them.
so our happiness, peace
is depends on attachment.
So always better to attach
by relation, responsibilities & love
But not by affection, attraction & feeling.

Live like lotus, lotus lives in pond,
but still never touches the water
It is in water still not attached with water.
Similarly live in family with loosely attached.
So happiness & peace is, independent on them.


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