Complain and Blame

When we loose,

we are unhappy,

and we did not get desire things then

we complain & blame concern person.

So to complain all the time

became our nature and

blame others for our failure.

Why to complain ?

What we get is our luck

effort, performance and

for our failure we are responsible.

what ever the situation and deficiency

we have to change or adjust

we have to bare or accept.

So there is no scope

for complain and blame

to hide our weaknesses and inability.

Instead of complaining and blaming,

try to face the situation or compromise,

try to solve the problem or accept it

try to improve your performance or bare it.

But do not make attitude

to complain and blame

No complain and blame is steady status.









Situation is condition or atmosphere
created by nature or man.

life is series of such situations which
effect or change the human
nature or behavior.

Human being should
face each situation by self control
or compromise with situation by accepting
or change the situation if he can,
depending upon his attitude, experince and capacity.

But do not get up set and loose the control.
Make practice to control the situation
instead of controlled by the situation.

Remember the fact that
situation is not great
man is great which can control the situation.
Over come the situation.
Ride on the situation.
It is the real success in the life.

Never mind

‘ Never mind ‘ is good attitude.
It is no mind stage,
means steady and balance mind.
Which does not get up set
in any situation it remains
Peaceful,cheerful and powerful.
In any situation Never mind,
do not get control by situation,
Control the situation.
If any one insult you or do not respect
Apply Never mind policy and
Do not get angry.
If any one do not help and speak then
Never mind, just smile and forget.
‘ Never mind ‘ is good attitude
To develop peaceful And cheerful life.


Success should be the Target of the life
To achieve what you decide and desire,
what you want and require.
Success can be achieved
By keeping target, planning
and executing till achieved.
Success in different field,
like service and business,
social and spiritual is the real success.
Failure not stop you to get success
if you do not leave effort till success.
Do not be so proudly and self boasting,
over excited and over estimated.
It is easy to get success but difficult
to digest and continue to get success