Glory of God

Glory of God is infinite and endless.

It can not be narrated completely

even by Devi shri Saraswatiji.

I shall  try to tell the and basic Glory of God.

God is everywhere, every place all the time,

and super power, owner and father of all.

God is peace, love, mercy, holy and truth.

God is creator, operator and destroyer.

When nothing was there God was there

God is there when everything are there.

God will be there when there will be nothings.

God is only universe super soul,

immortal and Lord of all being

God  resides in every creatures as a Soul.

God is formless and can manifest in any form.

God is an embodiment of truth, knowledge and bliss.

God is unborn, still God can take birth.

God manifest  through  his Divine potency.

When righteousness  is  on decline,

and unrighteousness is in ascendant.

then God take birth

to reestablish righteousness, to protection

sage and to kill  devils in each era.

Remember God is with  you and love you.

Do not forget God and his glory

and thankful to God for what you have.

God is ageless being, ruler of all,

subtler than the subtle and universal sustainer,

God is possessing a form beyond human

conception, effulgent like the sun

and far beyond the darkness of ignorance.


Purity means quality of being pure

and free from impurities.

Purity  is the supreme Quality of God

and original quality of soul.

But It became impure by bad quality like

anger, jealousy greediness, temptation,

bad intention, bad feelings and bad habits

Purification is .needed to acquire

original quality that is purity,

by acquiring good human being qualities,

by acquiring good feelings and habits.

And also by  removing impurities

from the mind and heart.

If human heart and mind are pure

than he becomes sage.

To become devotee of God it is the first need.

Without purity you cannot please the God.

So be pure hearted to become devotee of God.



Peace is God, God is peace

The person remain peaceful

is very near and dear to God.

Peace is symbol of progress,

because peaceful mind is source of energy.

Peace is the product of satisfaction,

which creates heaven on earth.

 Peace is wonderful quality

which builds healthy spiritual and social life.

Peace resides insides,

which is to be awake

to create peace outside.

Each and every person must have

target of peaceful life.

“Live and let live” and

“Whole world is one family”

such attitude can help

to establish peace in

house, country and world