Creativity is great power

and divine quality of God

by which world is created.

God is great creator.

Man also possess this quality.

which is to be developed.

Right mind is creative mind

which controls right side of the body.

Left mind is logical which

controls left side of the body.

When you are creative right mind is active

heart being left side it works well

and become sound and  healthy.

So creativity is medicine for heart.

When you  think positive,

lateral, vertical and quite different

which creates creative ideas.

Creativity is very important and beneficial

for innovation, designing,

improving modification and developing

existing business or life style

in business and in personal life.

Creativity make you very popular,

important, famous and happy.

So be active and creative for healthy life.








Positive Vs Negative Thinking

Positive thinking is powerful tool for success,

which is source of energy.

It is style of thinking positive,which is to be exercise.

To do that you have change your attitude of

negative thinking which decline your energy.

Negative thinking means, wrong  thinking

about failure which discourage you.

Positive thinking means, right thinking

about success which encourage you.

Negative thinking is result of

poor self confidence, knowledge and experience.

Positive thinking is result of strong

self confidence, knowledge and experience.

Positive thinking means satisfaction

for what you have and  try to get more,

but he did not get up set,  when he did not get.

Negative thinking means never satisfied

and try to get more but get upset, when he did not get.

Positive thinking means see success in failure

and struggle for success.

Negative thinking means,

can not think of success after failure.

Positive thinking is result oriented

Negative thinking is failure oriented.

Be positive Do not be negative.





रास आ गई है

रास आ गई हैं जिन्हें मौज़ मस्ती,
उन्हें जिंदगी की कोइ कींमत नहीं ।
वो जिंदगी जी शकते हैं,
मगर जिंदगी को जीत नहीं शकते ।

रास आ गई हैं जिन्हें मन की गुलामी,
उन्हें बुद्धि की कोइ कींमत नहीं ।
वो जिंदगी जी शकते हैं,
मगर ईतिहास नहीं रच शकते ।

रास आ गई हैं जिन्हें दुर्गणो के संग जीने की,
उन्हें सदगुणो की कींमत नहीं,
वो नरक का बेताब बादशाहा बन शकते हैं,
मगर ज़नत का बेताब बादशाह नहीं बन शकते ।