Happy birthday

We wish Happy Birthday
to friend or relative.
Is it really with love or
with just formality ? Or
just to please them. 
Became custom to do so.
if you forget to do so 
become unhappy and criticize.

Birthday means day passes with
blessing, gift and party enjoyment.
Change the style of celebrating
birthday for the benefit of other.

Actually life span is reduce
by one year and less time for
doing predifine targeted work.
We have to speed up, no waste
of time and money is allowed.
Be cautious, steady, serious
rigorously plan and live with
suitable new life style.

A take oath for self uplifting, 
like personality developments,
spiritual enhancement and
better living life during next year.
Will be real and right way to
celebrate birthday.

Vinod Anand                            16/04/2016
Friend, Philosopher,Guide


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