Thumbs rules

​Thumbs Rules built the life

and make the life peaceful. 

if you remember, understand 

and practice at proper time. 

Few Thumbs Rules for you. 

Say ” Thanks” when you get

something from some one. 

” Sorry ” when you do mistake. 

Never Mind ” when some one 

says sorry or thanks. 

Say ” It’s OK ” when you face

worse situation. 

” Forgive ” other, ” Forget ” their

mistake when some say sorry. 

” Keep Quite ” and  ” Keep Silence ”

when some one gets angry.

Have ” Patience ” every time. 

Have self confidence and faith. 

Develop forbearance to 

face bad situation. 

Think, then speak and act. 

Share, care, and love every one. 

More you practice thumb rules

more you become happy. 
Vinod Anand                       11/07/2016   friend, philosopher, guide.


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