​Mentality is product of mind. 

Mentality being built by 

thoughts, attitude, believes 

nature, habits and situation. 

Mentality create fix pattern

of behavior and life style. 

Mentality which is liked, 

favourite, pleasant and 

good result oriented 

called high mentality. 

such mentality should be 

maintained or try to improve. 

Mentality which is unliked, 

unfavourite unpleasant and

bad result oriented 

called low mentality. 

such mentality should be

removed and try to acquire 

high mentality for better

behaviour and life style. 

First know your mentality

and their result and effect

good or bad, accordingly

try to built high mentality. 

Good mentality create better

image, personality and life. 

Mentality is mirror of your self. 

Vinod Anand                         15/09/2016 Friend,Philosopher,Guide 


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