Three type of person

​First type is ignorant person, 

who does not know and does 

wrong, he can be forgived 

once, due to his ignorance. 

Don’t be ignorant person. 

First aquire knowledge

and than act. 

Second type wise person, 

having knowledge. 

Who kowns and aware,

he doesn’t, do wrong. 

He live with knowledge. 

Third type of person is

foolish,who is not ignorant. 

Knows every thing and 

knowingly does wrong. 

He doesn’t utilise knwoledge

He cannot be forgive. 

Don’t  be foolish person. 

Most of the person are

of third type person. 

Be second type of

person who utilise his

knowledge for better 

and right way of living. 

Vinod Anand                          23/09/2016 Friend,Philosopher,Guide


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