​Inspiration is motivation

energy and Initiative force 

to inspire person to develop. 

Inspiration is influence from 

someone who does good work

and other inspire to do the same. 

Someone’s creative work gives

idea to other to be creative. 

Without inspiration you can

progress or develop yourself. 

You must inspire your mind 

from great , famous, good 

personality figure to become 

great ,famous, ideal person. 

Ideal personality figure like 

Mahtama Gandhi, 

Swami vevekanand,

Vikram sarabhai etc

can inspire any one to 

follow their path. 

Live such a life that

you become roll model

to inspire people to live

so they live similar to

inspire many others. 

Inspiration is miracle

to built ideal personality

and developing country. 

Vinod Anand                       21/10/2016   Friend,Philosopher,Guide




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