Person with patience 

can achieve perfection

It’s such wonderful quality

of human being. 

Patience is abiliy to accept 

or tolerate delay, problems

without becoming annoyed or

anxious and continue to work. 

Have capacity to become clam 

and think solution peacefully 

and wait for result. 

Having patience you can

argue without anger and find 

right solution of discussion. 

Person without patience

get upset cannot think the

solution of the problem

and take steps hurriedly

may lead wrong result. 

Person without patience 

can spoil the situation.

means no self control. 

Person with patience 

can control the situation.

means self control. 

Patience is  the path of

success and perfection. 

Vinod Anand                       17/11/2016 Firend,Philosopher,Guide



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