Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta – 03

Chapter – I  Yoga of Arjun dejection

Army  of Padavas and Kaurava are set & ready to fight with each other.The commander of Kaurava Bhisma roared like lion and blew his conch. Also the kettledrums,Tabor & Trumpets blared at once  and the sound-noise was tumultuous . Then Arjun blew his conch and then all Warriors blew their conches one by one. 

Arjun order his charioteer to place hischariot inbetween two armies to observewarriors drawn up in battle field and to see with whom he has to fight. Krishna-charioteer placed his chariot accordingly Arjun saw in both army his uncles,grant uncles, teachers-Guru, brother,cosine & other relatives.Arjun was overcom with deep compassion and spoke in sorrow. 

I see these kinsman arrayed for battle, my limbs becoming loose, my mouth is getting dried, my body shivers and hair stands due horripilation. The bow Gandiva slip from hand and my skin burns all over,my mind is not steady whirling & I cannot hold my self steady. 

 I see omen of evil, do not see good in killing my kinsman. Neither I want victory nor kingdom,nor pleasure, What is use of such kingdom, luxuries and life.Why acquire sin by killing desperadoes.

I donot desire kingdom by killing them. How can be happy by killing our own relatives. It will be better that Kaurava kill me in battle field while  I unarmed and unresitive. He left is bow and sat down back side of the chariot with agitated mind & sorrow.                 The Chapter  ” The Yoga of Dejection of Arjun ”   From : Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta


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