Varieties of Thoughts

​Thought is creation of mind

In a day mind creates sixty 

thousands thought.

Most of the thoughts are

Negative of stress, fear

irritations, hurt & anger. 

Other type of thoughts

are Positive thoughts of 


& cooperation. 

Some thoughts are

Neutral of necessary

thoughts related to 

daily routine work. 

Some of thoughts are 

Elevated thoughts

of soul conscious 

and supreme soul. 

Some of thoughts are 

Waste thoughts of other 

people, past & future.

Some of thoughts are Toxi 

of hatred,harm,violence.

Each thoughts have effect

on body & mind accordingly.

Positive & Elevated thoughts

are developing, creative 

and healthy thoughts.  Be positive

Vinod Anand                        06/12/2016   Firend,Philosopher,Guide



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