Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta – 06

​🌻🌷Congratulations on the celebration day of Geeta Jyanti on 10/12/2016. Follow the path shown by Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta. 🌻🌷🌄🌹🍀                            Chapter-2                                                      Yoga of knowledge – Sankhyayoga      Krishna said : You are being Kashriya (man of warrior class)it is you duty to fight righteous war. Nothing is better than this so do not waver. You are lucky to get unsolicited oppertunity to fight  which open the gate of heaven. If you refuse to fight,you shirking your duty,   losing your reputation & will incur sin.    People will criticize  you, for esteem warrior it  is worse than death.Your enemy disparaging your might & will speak undeserving words; What can be more distressing than this ?  In war if you die you will get heaven. if won you will enjoy sovereignty on earth.Therefore, stand up and fight. Treating alike  vicrory & defeat  gain & loss get ready for fight thus you will not incur sin. From:Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta

Vinod Anand                        10/12/2016   Firend,Philosopher,Guide


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