Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta – 10

​Chapter-3 Yoga of Action                      Arjun said  : Krishna you consider Knowledge as superior to Action Then why you urge me for action of fight.My mind is puzzled by your contradictions express.Tell me the one definite discipline which I may get highest good. Krishna said : There are two path of of spiritual descipline are….  Sankhyayoga(Yoga of knowledge)    Karamyoga ( Yoga of Action).Man does not attain freedom from action without doing any action; nor does he reach perfection merely by ceasing to action.  Surely, none can ever remain inactive even for a moment everyone is driven to action by nature born qualities.He who restraining the organ of senses and dwelling in senses objects.His deluded  intellect is called a hypocrite. On other hand,he who controllingthe sense organ, action by will & remain unattached  follow the path of selfless action those organs, Ajuna he excels.Do your allotted duty; is superior to inaction.Desisting from action you cannot  even maintain your body. Man is bound by his own action except when it is performed for the sake of sacrifice.So Arjuna do your duty free from attachment, for the sake of sacrifice alone.                                     From Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta. 

Vinod Anand                         15/12/2016     Firend,Philosopher,Guide


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