Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta – 14

​Chapter-4 The Yoga of Knowledge as well disciplines of Action & knowledge.        Shri Bhagawan said : I revealed immortal Yoga to sun,Sun said to Vivasvan.Thus it is conveyed Rajarsis (royal sages). After long lapse of time it is lost.You are my devotee  & friend, I have imparted this supreme and secrete Yoga to you. Arjuna said :You are of recent origin &  Vivasvan was born before you so how I believe this. Shri Bhagawan said :Arjuna, you & I have passed through many birth; I remember them all you do not remember. Though I am birthless,immortal & Lord of all being  I Manifest Myself through My own divine qaulity. Arjuna,whenever righteousness is declined I take birth to protect good men from evil men & reestablish religion My birth & activities are divine.He who know this in reality is not reborn & come to Me. From : Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta. 

Vinod Anand                        25/12/2016   Firend,Philosopher,Guide


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