Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta -19

Chapter- 5 Yoga Of Knowledge & Action  Krishna Said : The Karmayogis perform action only with senses, mind, intellect & body without feeling of mine,shaking off attachment, for the sake of purification.  Offering the fruit of action to God, Karmayogi attains everlasting peace. 

He who work with a selfish motive, being attached to the fruit of actions gets tied down.Self control Sankhyayogi doing nothing himself and getting done by other, rest in God(the embodiment of Truth, bliss & knowledge.)

God determine neither the doership nor the doing of men, nor even their contact with the fruit of action, but it is Nature alone that does all this. The omnipresent God doesn’t  part take the virtue or sin of  any one. Knowledge is enveloped by ignorance & due  to this men falling a prey to delusion.Those whose ignorance is destroyed by true knowledge of God, that wisdom shining like the sun reveals the supreme.                                              From : Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta.Wait for next  post.Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta-20

Vinod Anand                                07/01/2017 friend,philosopher,Guide


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