Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta-21

Chapter-6 Yoga of self control                 Sri Bhagawan : He who does his duty without expecting the fruits of Action is Sannyasi(Sankhyayogi)&Karmayogi both He is not yogi Who has merely given update  all activities.When man ceases to have a attachment for object of senses, action & has left Sankalap (thought of world)he is said to be attained Yoga.         When one upgrade oneself by self effort & conquered mind-senses then own self is friend.When degrade & not conquered oneself then own self is enemy.             The Supreme Spiritual is rooted in the knowledge  of the Self controlled man,  whose mind remain steady & balance towards  pair of opposites such as cold & heat, joy &sorrow and insult & respect.  Whose senses are controlled & for him earth, stone & Gold are all like  is called Yogi-Gold realized soul.                             He who looks looks upon well wishes, neutrals as well as mediator, foes and friend, relative & hostile,the virtuous and the sinful stand supreme.             From : Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta.Wait for next  post.Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta-22

Vinod Anand                           10/01/2017   Firend,Philosopher,Guide


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