675 Control waste of food

Food is third essentials 

beside air and water. 

Can not live longer without. 

Awareness of food 

importance is must, 

so have respect and

understsnd the value. 

So waste of food can be 

minimized & remained 

must goto hungry person. 

Non availability & less

in quantity of food can 

understand value and

important of the food. 

Easy availability and

more in quantity can’t 

understand the value

& important of food. 

In any case understand

value, important of food

& have respect to control

the waste of food. 

Waste of food is biggest 

crime against God. 

So be aware, awake, 

& careful to minimize 

waste the of food.

Food is Dev-God 

as per India culture.

Before taking food

pray & give thanks to

God and eat happily. 

Vinod Anand                           21/02/2017   Firend, Philosopher, guide. 



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