677 Parents 

Patents means combination

of father & mother with

different responsibility. 

It is highly responsible

& prestigious roll of life.

We take it very causally

the roll of parents.

To give birth to child, 

nurture & make it ideal 

person is parent’s duty. 

If parent don’t do their

duty then they are 

criminal of society

nation and God. 

So parents must aware 

awake of their roll. 

So it necessary to


with capacity & ability

of ideal person, before

becoming parents. 

Otherwise donot have

right to become parent. 

So parents can perform

their duty to build great

personality for family

society and nation. 

Parents roll is the roll of  

Dedicated to Parents…. 

God & they are next God. 
Vinod Anand                        23/02/2017   Firend,Philosopher,Guide 


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