699 Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta-40

Chapter-11 ” The Yoga of the vision of the Universal Form ” Arjuna said :              I see You endowed with diadem, mace,   wheel, a mass of splendour glowing around, having the brilliance of a blazing fire and the sun, hard to gaze-see at and immeasurable on all sides.                     You are the supreme worthy of being known you are  ultimate  refuge of this universe & the protector of ageless Dharma. I consider you to be the eternal imperishable being.                                         I see you without beginning,middle, end  possessing unlimited prowess,endowed  with number less arms, having the moon and the sun for your eyes & blazing fire for Your mouth and scorching universe by Your radiance.                                  Seeing Your dreadful form Soul of Universe, all the three world feel greatly perturbed. No of deitys enter -ing You, some pray with palms joined out of fear and recounting your name & glories. Suceessful sages saying  “Let there be peace ” are e parsing You by means of excellence hymns. Lord, seeing Yours stupendous and dreadful, this world are terror -struck; so I am. All those son of Kauravo with host of kings are rushing into Your fearful mouth looking terrible. Bhagavan said  ” I am the might Kala (eternal Time-spirit), the destroyer of the world.They are already killed by Me you are the instrument,so fight, you will sure to win in the war.                           From  : Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta.       Wait for next  post S B Geeta-41               Vinod Anand                         16/03/2017     Firend,Philosopher,Guide  


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