702 Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta-41

Chapter-11 ” The Yoga of the vision of the Universal Form ” By seeing these form Arjuna tremblingly bowed to God with joined palms & bow again in terror praying to God in faltering voice. You are the primal Deity,the most ancient person you are the ultimate resort of  universe. You are both knower and the knowable, highest abode. It is You who pervade the universe.                                                            O Lord of infinite prowess,my salutation to You from the front & from all sides. You are the father of this moving & unlocking creation. The way I behave as a friend before not know your greatness  I crave forgiveness from you.            Having seen Your wondrous form, which was never seen before, I feel joy, at the same time my mind is tormented by fear. I pray you to reveal to Me the divine form with four arm, O Abode of the universe be gracious. Sri krishana reveal to him His own four arms form & later, He reveal Genial form(human being form) and consoled the frightened Arjuna.    Arjuna said : Seeing this gentle human form, I have regained my composure & my self. Arjuna, he who performs all his duties for My sake, depends on Me, devoted to Me, has no attachment and  free  from malice towards all beings, reaches Me. Chapter-11   End                   . From  : Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta.       Wait for next  post S B Geeta-42            

Vinod Anand                         19/03/2017     Firend,Philosopher,Guide  


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