729 Wisdom

Quality of being 

wise is wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability 

to think,so man act

right way, make right

decision & judgement. 

It is being develop by 

acquiring knowledge 

with exprience & under-

standing with common

sense which makes 

a man wise.

Wise man think 

before speak.

Wise man is 

always awake, 

alert and aware 

of himself. 

Man with Positive 

attitude, far-sighted 

vision & noble nature 

is called wiseman 

Experience makes

man wise. 

Wisdom is real 

assets of life. 

Pray God for 

wisdom for all.

Be wise to become 

great & famous. 

Vinod Anand                      06/04/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  



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