734 Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta-52

Chapter-14 The Yoga of division of three Gunas-qualities. Bhagavan said : Those who have quality of Sattava wend their way upward,quality of Rajas stay in the middle and have Tamas temperament  sink down. Having transcended three Gunas which have caused  body & free from birth, death, old age and all kinds of sorrow, embodied soul attains supreme bliss. Arjuna said : what are the mark of him who has raise above the 3 Gunas, & what is his conduct ? How he rise above the three Gunas.Bhagavan said : He who sitting like a witness, is not disturbed by three Gunas & remain established in identity with God and falls off from that state. He who is ever established  in self, takes pain and pleasure alike, regards a clod of earth, a stone & piece of gold as equal in value, views censure & praise alike. He who is equipoised in honour ignominy,is alike toward a friend&enemy has left the senseof doership in all under takings is said to have rises above the 3  Gunas &He too who constantly worships Me with Exclusive devotion is eligible for attaining Brahma. Chapter-14 End.                                 From : Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta.           Wait for next  post S B Geeta-53.           Vinod Anand                         12/04/2017    Friend,Philosopher,Guide  


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