845 Kaizen

Secrete of Japan’s success

is Kaizen Mean continuous

small small improvement

reveal big change one day.

Continuous looking to

improve for better way of

doing work with less effort,

and time by modification or

innovation in working system.

Kaizen must be implemented

in house, society, factory &

govt. offices to get effective

best result in the age of

competition to complete.

Each & every person should

involve in this Kaiez activity.

Important notes for Kaiez

First do not satisfy with

existing working and

Second look for better

way of doing your work

which reduces your effort

and time which increases

your ability and efficiency.

Kaizen is better system for

improvement by modification

and innovation.

Kaizen is secret of grant success

for developing & developed country.

Continuous improvement will

lead very big change one day

is basic principle of Kaizen.

Creativity is mother of Kaizen.
Vinod Anand                          11/07/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  



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