1016 Art Of Purchasing

Purchasing is essential &

important aspect of the life.

It is necessary to know the

Art of Purchasing for max.

benefits, optimum use &

justification of your money.

Otherwise waste or dead

investment of earned money.

Golden rules to know and

to develop Art of purchase.

Know value of earned money.

No waste or dead investment

of your earned money.

Justify purchased items and

money paying for item.

Before purchase any things

know about it’s requirement

reliability & it’s actual price.

Do not be tempted by sale

& scheme in the market.

Don’t be so hurried, take

time to decide for purchase.

Purchasing should not  be

hobby or habit or prestige.

Purchasing of thing should

be essential, required and

your capability to Purchase.

Art of Purchasing can control

the flow of money and save

earned money for future.

Vinod Anand                             25/12/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide   


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