1099 Two Complex

Superiority complex,
Inferiority complex both
are tools of unhappiness.
When person see others
who is successful, well
educated & established,
he feel Inferiority complex
with respect to him and
invites tension, worry, pain
and unhappiness.
When person see others
who is below his status,
he feel Superiority complex
with respect to him which
makes him proudly, so
he become arrogant and
angry person & become
unhappy & unsuccessful.
So be neutral & controlled
mind not to feel Inferiority
or Superiority when you
see either successful
or unsuccessful person,
focus on your target to
achieve & become happy.

Vinod Anand 27/02/2018

1098 Talent Vs. Hard Work

Talent is techniques
& ideas by knowledge,
& intelligence to work
smartly for better work
or for discovery.
Talent can be develop
by practising knowledge
& intelligent all the time.
Talent can be resulted
with hard work.
Hard work is main to
give the shape the talent.
Otherwise only talent
cannot do any thing.
Talent is theory & hard
work is practical.
Both creates miracle.
Vinod Anand 27/02/2018

1097 मेरा स्वभाव-2

मेरा स्वभाव मेरा जीवन
मेरी पहेचान, मेरे संस्कार ।
मैं सरल सीधा सादा
स्वभाव युक्त जीवतो ।
विनोद आनंद
छल-कपट, राग-द्रेष
और ईर्षा से मुक्त
हसी खुशी में रहतो,
विनोद आनंद
मेरा स्वभाव…. मेरा संस्कार ।
मैं ईश्र्वर में श्रध्धा विश्र्वास
और आस्तिक जीवन जीवतो,
विनोद आनंद
मैं विवेकी, धैर्य और नम्र
स्वभाव से बरदास्त करतो
विनोद आनंद
मैं निष्टावान अपने काम में
प्रमाणिक अपने जीवन में
नि:अभिमानी और नि:स्वार्थ
जीवन जीवतो विनोद आनंद ।
मेरा स्वभाव मेरा जीवन
मेरी पहेचान, मेरे संस्कार ।
विनोद आनंद 27/02/2018
फ्रेन्ड, फिलोसोफर, गाईड

1096 Why I write ??

Why I write ?
Is it hobby ? Is it desire ?
Is it purpose ? Is is target ?
Is to spread knowledge ?
Is it to become writer ?
Is it just for Jun ?
Is it to inspire other ?
Is it to motivate other ? Is it to become popular ?
You think if you can, why I write ? ? ?
Ok, I shall tell you
why I write ? ? ?
What I read, listen, think
understand, to make
best use of I know,
I write for others to test
my capacity, ability &
to spread fragrance of
knowledge which may
inspire or motivate other.
So my effort of reading &
listening & thinking get
right direction & purpose.
For multi-purpose I write.
Vinod Anand 25/02/2018