1161 What self confidence

Self Confidence is power
empowered person to take
any type of challenge in life.
He can make impossible to
possible and win all the time.
He never become nerves in
any situation, face problem
with balance mind & solve
any problem, if not it accept
the situation or problem with
courage & remain energetic.
Person have strong belief
that any type of work he can
do & takes it has a challenge.
Self confidence, combination
of mind, intelligent, soul power.
To develop self confidence try
to increase mind stability by
Intelligent Quotient & soul by
Emotion & spuritual Quotient.
Self confidence is only key of
success & happy-peaceful life.
If you delpete your mind-soul
energy means you have poor
self confidence. Be energetic
enthusiastic, active positive
for high self confidence.
self confidence is breathe
to keep life active & alive.
Vinod Anand 30/04/2018

1160 जन्म मृत्यु के फेरे

जन्म के बाद मृत्यु
मृत्यु के बाद जन्म, है
जीवन का सिलसिला ।
शरीर मरता वो मृत्यु
नया शरीर मिलता है वो
जन्म, एक नया जीवन
जन्म कर्मो, वासना अंतिम
ईच्छा के अनुसार होते है ।
स्थूल शरीर को छोडकर
सूक्ष्म शरीर मन, बुध्धि
आत्मा जाता है तब वो
कर्मो, भावनाए, संस्कार
के साथ दूसरे शरीर में
जाता है, वो पूर्व जन्म का
संस्कार कहेलाता है ।
वो हि पुराने संस्कारो के
साथ नया जीवन जीता है ।
नये जीवन में पूर्व जन्म के
कर्मो का फल भोगना है
और नये अच्चे संस्कार
और नये सत्कर्म करना है ।
जैसे कर्म करोगे एसा नया
नया पुन: जन्म मिलेगा ।
हर जन्म में संस्कारी
बनना है और सत्कर्म करके
आत्मा कल्याण करना है ।
एक जन्म एसा आयेगा कि
आप जन्म मरण के फेरों से
मुक्त हो कर ईश्र्वर के परम
धाम में निवास करोगे ।
शायद ईसको मुक्ति कहते है ।
विनोद आनंद 29/04/2018

1159 વિચાર-વાણી ને વ્યવહાર-વર્તન

વિચાર મનમાં ઉદભવે
વિચાર માહિતી અને
માન્યતા પર આધારિત.
વિચાર મૌન હોય છે.
વિચાર મુખથી પ્રગટ
થાય ત્યાર બને વાણી .
વાણી સાથે વ્યવહાર
અને વર્તન બનાવે સંબંધ.
માનવી ના સંસ્કાર દર્શન
વિચાર, વાણી, વર્તન ને
વ્યવહારમાં થાય પ્રગટ.
મીઠી વાણી, સારું વર્તન
સરળ વ્યવહાર સફળતા.
સકારાત્મક-ઉમદા વિચાર
તો મીઠી વાણી, સારું વર્તન
સરળ વ્યવહાર બને, તો
જિવન બને સુખ-શાંતિમય.
વિચાર,વાણી ,વ્યવહાર ને
વ્યવહારમાં સુધારથી
વ્યક્તિ, વ્યક્તિત્વ અને
સંબંધોમાં થાય વિકાસ.
વિચાર-વાણી, ને વ્યવહાર-
વર્તન પર ધ્યાન આપો તો
જિવન બંને સ્વર્ગ નહી તો નર્ક.
વિનોદ આનંદ 28/04/2018

1158 40%,40%,20% Rule.

40%40%20 % rules is
the rule of happy and
peaceful life.
First 40 % of life is
depends on luck
Second 40 % of life is
depends on hard work
Third is 20% of life is
depends on Grace of God.
We did not have control
on 40% part of luck.
We have control on
other 40% hard work
& 20% & grace of God.
Which you can grt by
Praying & good deed.
So don’t only depend
on luck but make your
luck by acquiring max
percentage out of 60 %
Even luck have 30% &
from 60% try to get 40%
or 50 Then it comes to
70 % 0r 80 out of 100
Apply 40%40%20 % rule.
and enjoy, happy and
peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 27/04/2018

1157 Energy Level

Human being is source of
energy in terms of body,
mind and soul supported
by super power God.
If their level is depleted
by any means it creates
physical and mental
diseases unhappiness.
Stop to depleting & try to
increase their levels.
Body have internal
immune power against
disease & body power
for hard work to earn
money for survival.
We have to maintain
both energy level by
healthy food, exercise.
Another energy is
mind power which can
increased body power
by positive thought &
deplete body power by
negative thoughts by
acquiring mind control.
Mind energy is being
control by soul energy.
that is Self confidence.
Soul energy can be
increase by connecting
soul to supreme power,
by praying & good deeds.
By maintaining three
Energies level can live
tension free & happy life.
When we feel bad or do
wrong it deplete energy.
When we feel good or do
right it boost the energy.
Vinod Anand 26/04/2018

1155 मन कि शांति

मन कि शांति, श्रेष्ठ संपदा
मन कि शांति, स्थिर मन
मन कि शांति, विवेक बुध्धि
मन कि शांति, मन कि शक्ति
मन कि शांति, सही निर्णय
मन कि शांति इन्दियों पर काबू
मन कि शांति, आत्मविश्र्वास
मन कि शांति, सदगुणों का बीज़
मन कि शांति, दुर्गुणों का दुश्मन
मन कि शांति, सही दिशा
मन कि शांति, सही रास्ता
मन कि शांति, चारित्र घडतर
मन कि शांति, सुख शांति समृध्धि
मन कि शांति, स्वर्ग का निर्माण
मन कि शांति हर समस्या
और मुश्केलिओ का उपाय ।
मन में शाति आए कैसे ?
लो द्रढ निर्णय मन को शांत
करने का और मन को शांत
मौन कि साधना, ध्यान और
प्रणायाम से करो ।
हंमेशा याद रखो में आत्मा
शांत स्वरूप और बोलो मंत्र
ॐ शांति ॐ शांति ॐ शांति ।
साधना बीना न कोई सिध्धि ।
मन कि शांति बीना सफलता नहीं ।
विनोद आनंद 24/04/2018

1154 Incredible Life

What is Incredible Life ?
Extra ordinary, untrustable
divine life is Incredible Life.
Life with Positive attitude,
& gratitude is Incredible Life.
Simple, high thinking and
creative life is Incredible Life.
Person having human being
quality can live Incredible Life.
Person live with love, share and
take care other is Incredible Life.
Person does hard work smartly
and achieve his target before
time in his life is Incredible Life.
Life with good understanding
& co-operation in family, office
and society is Incredible Life.
Happy, peaceful & prosperous
creditable life is Incredible Life.
Unforgettable Life which can
inspire other is Incredible life.
We are capable and can live
Incredible Life & we must have
the our target of Incredible Life.
Incredible Life of individuals
can build Incredible India.
Vinod Anand 23/04/2018