1351 Parenting

Parenting is the total
responsibility of parents
for child growth, nuturing
nourishing & educating.
Parenting is Combined
responsibility of mother
and father together.
There are stages of child
like baby, kid, child, Grown
up child and adults etc.
Initially responsibility
of child is of mother
in babay – kid stage.
Qualities of parent must
be of ideal person, So
their quality inherit into
their children make easy
fine & nice parenting.
Parenting is continuous
action with awareness
& with alertness mean
While parenting donot
speak bad words, don’t
behave rudly & don’t
tell lies infront of child.
You have to do good
programming in child
unconcious mind.
Always be good person &
roll model for your child.
Have passion while dealing
with child, don’t insult him,
explain him, convinece him
and appreciate his action.
Handle him with care like
glass for their bright future.
Parenting is Divine work
given by good do it perfectly
Vinod Anand 28/10/2018

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