1401 Saturation is limit

Saturation is saturated
state of any object or
person called the limit.
Beyond that capacity
& efficiency reduces.
So while working you
feel tired, it is sign of
saturation of ability,
capacity and energy.
It is recommended not
to continue further,
better take brake to
raise your capacity
or ability by freshing.
Other method is, have
change of suject or
activitiy or take rest
to overcome state of
saturation & resume.
One glass of water can
dissolve fix quantity of
sugar beyond that water
wouldn’t dissolve sugar,
that is saturation state.
The limit of saturation
of mind can be increase
by practicing to work
after saturation with
strong will power w/o
any loss of efficiency,
but donot strech much.
So know your limit of
saturation & plan the work.
Vinod Anand 26/11/2018


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