1442 Control the mind

Mind control is essential,
otherwise mind will
control you and does not
obey your command.
Mind will be control by
senses, means mind
is slave of senses and
you are slave of mind.
There are few methods
to practice to control
the mind.
First simple rule is…….
Don’t listen or ignore or
reject demand from the
mind and senses.
Practice to say first NO
to mind then think with
intelligent & knowledge
that demand is valid or
good result oriented
then allow mind to fulfill
his demand otherwise
say NO. If you practice
this rule Slowly you will
be able to control mind.
Do fasting a week and
live with planning and
rules to follow srictly.
You have to explain or
force to follow the mind
which is good for all.
Vinod Anand 31/12/2018

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