1460 Status of Mind

What is the status of mind ?
What is the mood of mind ?
Necessary to know this for
awareness and behaviour.
Whether it is steady or not ?
Steady mind is seed of
success & greatness.
Whether pure or impure ?
Pure mind is seed of peace
and happiness.
Whether active or idle ?
Active mind is seed of
Wheter luxurious or simple.
Simple mind is intellegent.
Whether it is positive or
negative attitude ?
Positive attitude is seed of
progress & prosperity.
Whether it is controlled
or uncontrolled.Controlled
mind is your best freind.
Whether it is dust bin or
box of jewelry.
Jewelry is seed of beauty.
Whatever be the status,
will get benefit accordingly.
Mind is driver of your life.
Be a master of driver & life.
Vinod Anand 15/01/2019

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