1681 Root Cause

Root cause is main
reason for any thing
happen in the life.
Root Cause is only
always responsible
for outcome or result
or any situation in life.
To set it right,we have
to goto root cause of
it, find it & eliminate it.
Unless & untill you
remove root cause
it is not possible to
find out the solution.
Focus not root cause
instead of any other
elements to set right
problems in the life.
Example :
In house bad smell is
coming, by spreading
perfumes you cannot
remove that bad smell,
unless & untill remove
root cause that is dead
rat in the house.
Focus on root cause &
attack on root cause for
peramenant solution.
Vinod Anand 29/07/2019

1680 સહન શક્તિ

સહન શક્તિ અદભૂત સદગુણ.
સહન કરો ને શાંતિ પામો અને
સંબંધ જાળવો . સહન કરો ને
પરિવારમાં સુખ શાંતિ મેળવો..
જ્યાં નથી સહન શક્તિ ત્યાં છે
કંકાસ, ક્લેશ, અશાંતિ ને દુઃખ..
પરિવારમાં કોઇ પણ કાંઇ કહે,
કે મજાક કરે, ટોણા મારે તો તરત
ગુસ્સો કે ઝઘડો ન કરો.શાંત રહો,
સહન કરો, વિચારો કરો, અને
ચૂપ રહો તો , સંબંધ ન બગડે.
પરિવારમાં આપણી ભૂલ હોય
કે ન હોય તો પણ સહન કરવા
ની આદત પાડવી જરૂરી છે.
સહન કરવું લાચારી નથી
સમજ છે.જ્યા સ્વાર્થ છે ત્યાં
સહન કરીએ છીએ તો સંબંધ
માટે કેમ સહન નહિ કરવું ?
સહન કરો અને માફ કરો..
પરિવારમાં મર્યાદામાં રહો,
મનમાની ન કરો, સહન કરો .
સહન શક્તિનો અભાવે ઘરેથી
ભાગી જવું કે આત્મહત્યા જેવી
દુર્ઘટના પરિવારમાં બને છે.
નવી પેઢીમાં સહન શક્તિ નો
અભાવ હોવાથી વગર વિચારે
બોલે છે ને ગલત કામ કરે છે.
સહન કરવાથી આત્મહત્યા,
ઝઘડા, કંકાસ અને છૂટા છેડા
વગેરે માં ઘટાડો થઇ શકે છે.

વિનોદ આનંદ 19/07/2019

1679 Frugality

Frugality is mind set
and attitude & finally
become your habit.
Frugality is behaviour
to be cultivated in mind.
The frugality helped
to balance or control
your total income &
expenditure so crisis
of finance never come.
Frugality doesnot mean
miserness, it is being
economical & avoid the
waste which may save
considerable amount
of money as a surplus.
Buy the things at best
possible price you can.
Donot ever compromise
on quality which is not
needed a pay high price.
Big and small purchase
must be consider while
buying to avoid dead
investment in house or
office or factory.
Vinod Anand 29/07/2019

1678 वरना पडेगा अकाल

बहोत बाग लगाए और फूलों
कि खूसबु से महेकाया माहोल ।
बहुत उगाए फूल गमलों में,
घर कि शोभा बढाने के लिए ।
भूल गए सद् गुण के फूल
खिलाके मन कि बंजर ज़मी
पे, घर को महेकाने के लिए
ईसलिए मन कि ज़मी पे
दुर्गुणो के कांटे उग जाते है ।
कांटें बीना महेनत उग जाते ।
भूल गए है अच्छि भावनाओं
के फूल खिलाना दिल के गमले
में, जीवन को सजाने के लिए ।
ईसलिए दिल के गमले में बुरी
भावनाओं के कांटे उग जाते है ।
कांटें बीना महेनत उग जाते है ।
हमे किसान कि तरह अनाज
उगाने से पहेले काटों को तोड
के फेकना हि पडेगा और सद्
गुणों और अच्छि भावनाओं
कि खेती करनी हि पडेगी तब
सुख शांति और सफलता कि
फसल उगेगी जीवन में, वरना
जिवन में सद् गुणों और अच्छि
भावनाओं का पडेगा अकाल ।
विनोद आनंद 28/07/2019 फ्रेन्ड,फिलोसोफर,गाईड^

1677 Loneliness

Loneliness is state
of life where, nobody
is with you except you.
Loneliness one or two
days from daily life,
give you relex but for
more days it is boring.
Now days for divided
family loneliness is
problematic to live.
In divided family, have
to face problems alone
without anybody help &
support, create loneliness.
Which may lead to worry
tension or depression
due to over thinking.
Earlier in joint family
Loneliness doesn’t
exist to create worry
tension & depression.
Loneliness is slow
poison which may
lead diseases/death.
Aviod loneliness and
utilize this stage to
extract your talent or
your potential for best
out come in the life.
Be positive & active
to handle loneliness.
Vinod Anand 27/07/2019

1676 Power of Money-2

Further to my post
power of money-1
Now a days power of
money is considered
greatest and bigest.
But donot give so much
important to money for
peaceful & happy life.
Money can give you
facilities and comfort
but cannot give you
happiness & peace.
Donot be so attached
to money which may
detach you from family.
Donot be so behind &
do wrong practice to
earn more money.
Donot spoil your health
to earn crores of money.
Later it cannot recover
your heath which makes
your life miserable.
Life is not for money but
money is for life to live
happy and peaceful life.
Money brings pride, bad
habits and bad nature &
negative emotions which
brings unhappiness and
difficulties and problem.
Money is powerful, if it is
utilized for the benefit of
mankind otherwise not.
Vinod Anand 26/07/2019

1675 Power of Money-1

Money is important,
essential & backbone
of life. Without money
survival is not easy .
Fourth requirement of
life is money after, air
water and food.
Without money third
requirement-food of life
cannot be fullfilled.
So fitst target of man
must be to earn money.
Before starting family life,
man must be capable
to earn enough money.
Power of money is to
influence any one, can
earn respect from others.
Any problem or work can
be get it done by the power
of money. Power of money
can be utilized for the
benefit of human being.
For further about power
of money readv my next
post – Power of money-2.
Vinod Anand 26/07/2019