1695 How to over come laziness

Laziness is weakness of
mind due lack of energy.
It is developed by man
postponing the work.
Generally it is product of
uncontrolled mind.
As soon as you feel tired
uneasy & exhausted, due
lack of energy,don’t follows
mind raise your energy level,
refresh and resume work
instead of becoming lazy &
stop or postpone your work.
Stop drainage.of energy to
remaind active.
Stay away from laziness by
Taking sound sleep,
Doing exercises
– Drinking sufficiency water
– Eating healthy food
– Keeping Cleanliness
– Have purpose – goal
– Planning your activities
to achieve your goal.
– By Self-control that is
well controlled mind.
You can over come your
laziness to get success.
Vinod Anand 14/08/2019

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