Course Details


  Personality Development

   & Art of Living.(PDAOL)

For Proper Guidance  To Youth.

   (A) Personality Development

1) What is Personality ?

2) Effective factors.

3) Means & Method of PD.

4) Self Awareness.

5) Self Improvement.

6) SASI Chart.

7) Mind power & control

    (B) Art of Living.(AOL)

1) What is life ?

2) How to live the life ?

3) Different Attitude in life.

4) Different aspect of the life.

5) What are secrets of success. ?

    (C) Other relative Topic.

About GOD, Relation, Religion

Proverbs – Idiom, Good,

Thought, Discipline, Creativity

Qualities of Human being  etc.

     (D) Duration for Course

 1) Five  Hours  for    Two  Days.

 2)Two   Hours  for    Five Days.

 3)Three Hours  for   Three Days

 4)Two Hours for 10 Days Course .

5) Any other Schedule on demand.

Please Contact for arranging Such Program

in your factories, School,classes etc


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