1352 Acceptance Vs non Acceptance

-Grow of Life depends on
two words Acceptance &
Acceptance is right choice,
Non-Acceptance is wrong.
Choice is yours which
you accept & practice.
Right choice growth or
Wrong choice no growth.
If you accept situation
it become challenges
otherwise problem.
if you accept event take
place in life it become
adventure otherwise fear.
Some one promtion,
if you donot accept it
become jealousy otherwise
it become inspiration.
Practice 21 days for
right choice of acceptance
for growth & happiness.
Vinod Anand 29/10/2018


Maths of Happiness 

​Happiness is always proportions 

to acceptance. More you accept  

the people and situation more 

you will be happy. 

Happiness  is also inversely 

proportions to expectation. 

More you expect more 

you will be unhappy. 

Happiness is always 

proportional to satisfaction . 

More you satifsy your self and

people,more you will be happy. 

Happiness is also inversely 

proportion to greedy and

temptation.  More you want to 

get more you will be unhappy. 

Happiness is always 

proportional to good nature 

and behaviour and inversely 

proportion to bad nature and

bad behaviour. 

So apply maths of happiness

in your life for real happiness. 


Vinod Anand                               07/08/2016  friend, philosopher, guide,